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Solo Projects 

Forest of Agora

Will the lone swordsman free of the forest from its foul invaders?

The Forest of Agora is a 2D action platformer where the player must fell the Tyrant who is slowing destroying the forest. Armed with the Kenoi blade and decades of training, the lone swordsman has all the tools and skills he         

    needs to save the dying Forest of Agora. Although will it be enough to slay the Belios the Tyrant of Helia? 


Labyrinth of Azula

Traverse the ever-changing maze in hopes of finding your way home!

Labyrinth of Azula is a puzzle-based narrative system where the player navigates a maze obtaining different items. These items will hopefully will help the player get back home. Yet, as if alive the maze morphs around the player as they collect and traverse its many areas. For paths that the player once took, become blocked,

                                          but you as they say, for every blocked passage, another one opens. 


The Hunted

Will you hunt or will you flee the choice is yours

         The Hunted is a 3-8 player board game where there are those who hunt and those who are hunted. 

  For those who hunt, it is their goal to either kill all of the innocent or destroy their precious escape machine. 

                           For the hunted, it is their goal to escape or somehow turn the predators into prey.   

                             There are five different hunters and seven different innocents to choose from 

                                          each one with their own unique role, backstory, and abilities. 


Escape Xerith Dungeon 

Where many have failed maybe you can succeed? 

                             Escape Xerith Dungeon is a top-down dungeon crawler with a time-based mode 

                                   where the player controls a lost soul trying to fight in hopes of escape. 

                        Along the way, this soul must fight through a horde of demons, ghosts, and evil mimics,   

   although with their mighty magical sword Orjinar, fending off these creatures of evil shouldn't be all that difficult.

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