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Over my career, I utilized Unity 2D and 3D to design, build, and code over ten games/projects. These experiences have helped me understand game design and creation within the Unity game engine, such as C# scripting/State Machines and grey boxing through Probuilder and other level sculpting tools.


Over my time as a professional level/game designer, I utilized the Unreal Engine countless times. While at Motion Logic Studios, I used UE4 to build grey box levels for Motion Logic Studios and UE5 for my side projects.  While working on these projectsI spent hours learning the ins and outs of the program in terms of level design and AI creation via behavior trees and blueprints. Furthermore, these study hours gave me a deeper understanding of the game creation process within UE4/5. Along the way, I learned to implement and use tools such as PCG and substrate materials to create randomly/procedurally generated photo-realistic environments and levels. 


Throughout my career as a level/game designer, I gained substantial knowledge about game creation via GameMaker Studio 2. Through this knowledge, I designed and built three games. Thus enabling me to acquire a more thorough understanding of the engine.

Over my level design career, I have used Maya constantly for either my projects or developer teams that I am or was currently working with. I have used Maya to ideate possible world and area designs, grey box entire levels, create custom collision meshes, and map out how collision will function within a given level.   


Throughout my career at Champlain College and as a professional level/game designer, I have become fluent in Photoshop and Illustrator. Using these tools, countless VDDs and visual elements within LDDs have been constructed that have assisted me in visualizing design ideas and the digital worlds I desired to build. 


Whether combat/game economy testing or balancing a given level's encounter difficulty curve, my experience with Excel has never let me down. Due to the program's necessity within the game design field, I have spent hours creating/editing Excel spreadsheets for games I built in the past or currently developing.      


While working year after year in Unity and Unreal, I have acquired knowledge of C#, C++, and Unreal's Blueprint system. Using this knowledge, I have created many smaller projects to test this coding knowledge, whether creating enemy AI/multiphase boss encounters with Unreal's Blueprints and Behavior Trees or scripting player attacks and connecting them to animations in Unity. All this work and practice led to my better understanding and mastery of these languages.


While learning the principles and theories of level/game design, I was taught the importance of version control. Through these lessons, programs such as command-line git, Smart-Git, Tortoise SVN, and GitHub became tools to avert possible disasters during a project's development cycle. Knowing the importance of these various version control programs, I utilize them daily to keep my projects safe and stable. 


During and after my time at Champlain College, I was trained and educated as a certified scrum master.  Since becoming recertified, I have continued learning and adopting agile/scrum methodologies into my design processes for my various projects. 

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