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Over my career, I have used Unity to design, build, and code over ten games/projects. These experiences have helped me understand game design and creation within the Unity game engine, such as C# scripting/State Machines and grey boxing through Probuilder and other level sculpting tools.


Over my time as a game designer,  I have used the Unreal Engine to build a couple of games.  While working on those games, I have spent hours learning the ins and outs of the program in terms of level and AI creation via behavior trees and blueprints. Furthermore, through these study hours, I have gained a deeper understanding of game creation using the Unreal Engine.   


Throughout my career, at Champlain College, and as a game designer, I have gained a substantial amount of knowledge pertaining to game creation via GameMaker Studio 2. Through this knowledge, I have designed and built three games. Furthermore, through the creation of these games, I have acquired a more thorough understanding of the engine.  


Taught to me ever since I started down the road to becoming a game designer was the importance of version control. Thus through these teachings, I learned how to use programs such as command-line git, Smart-Git, Tortise SVN, and Github.  Due to how vital these programs are to a game's creation I use them constantly, whether I need to or not,  just to keep my version control skills sharp. 


  Throughout my career at Champlain College and as a game designer, I have become rather fluent in the use of both photoshop and illustrator. Through these tools, I have constructed countless amount of VDDs and LDDs that have assisted me in spreading my design ideas and the digital worlds, I desired to build. 


Whether it's combat/economy balancing or the planning of a level's construction, my experience with excel has never let me down. Due to the program's necessity within the game design field, I have spent hours creating/editing excel spreadsheets for games, I built in the past or are currently developing.

While spending year after year working in both Unity and Unreal, I have acquired the knowledge of C#, C++, and Unreal's Blueprint system. Using this knowledge, I have created many smaller projects of my own to test this coding knowledge, whether it was creating AI with Unreal's Blueprints and Behavior Trees or scripting player attacks and connecting them to animations in unity. All of this to better my understanding and mastery of these languages.

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