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Where there is wealth, there are always those willing to do anything to obtain it

The first game I made with a dev team!

                Dev team size: Two people 

             Time spent on Project: One Month 

 My role: Designer, 3D artist, Programming assistant 

How to win

Collet ten materials via harvesting nearby asteroids        and use them to upgrade your HQ to level 3

How to fly around space

To pilot the R82 Behmouth use WASD for general movement(pitch and yaw).

                          Use "Q" and "E" to rotate the R82 on Z-axis

To add power to the forward thrusters press "L-Shift."

Firing lasers in space

            To fire your main weapon systems use the "LMB."

                 If you want your shots to be more accurate  

                                        use "RMB to ADS.

Harvesting Minerals

              To mine the asteroids, the player must blast  

            the asteroids apart using their ship's weaponry.

                    Upon destruction, the asteroids drop 

          materials that are used to upgrade the player's HQ.


          While parked next to your HQ 

you will be protected via the HQ's forcefield.

    Furthermore, if you press the "F" button you will have the options to either upgrade your HQ,          heal/scrap, and warp to another galaxy.

   If you chose to upgrade your HQ it will cost one material per upgrade, 

       thus costing ten materials in total to fully upgrade the HQ and win

                 If you chose to heal/scrap the R82 

            it will cost one material per ten hp healed. 

    If you want to you can also scrap your ship, which intern

      will give you one material per ten hitpoints sacrificed.

   If you deposit five materials, your base upgrades to level 2


              If there is a profit to be stolen on the high seas of space, 

            the Jinjo Pirates will show no mercy to obtain those goods.  

              Being a careful bunch the Jinjo 

ambush and snipe at the player with their J91 Shivs.

                  Despite their careful tactics,   

the Jinjo pirates aren't immune to a hail of laser fire.


    Much like the pirate ships, the R82 isn't indestructible

and if the player is careful could end up as another space                wreck floating through space for eternity.

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