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Levels, Environments, and Projects

Doom(2016) Maps

Primary Design Focus: Dungeon, Interaction, & Level

Technical Skills used: Illustrator(Floor plans), Maya(Greyboxing), Visual Scripting, and the Snapmap Editor 

Azrian's Chamber

Primary Design Focus: Puzzle, Interaction, & Level Design

Technical Skills Used: Illustrator(Floor plans), Maya(Greyboxing), and the Puzzle Creator Editor

The Airfield

Primary Design Focus: Environment, Interaction, & Level 

Technical Skills used: Illustrator(Floor Plans), Maya(Greyboxing), Landscape Manipulation, and the Far Cry 5 Arcade Editor

Gates of Hell Maps

Primary Design Focus: Environment & Level

Technical Skills used: Landscape Manipulation, Texturing, and the Gem Editor 


Primary Design Focus: Environment & World

Technical Skills used: Landscape manipulation, texturing, blue-print based scripting, and UE5 

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