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Group Projects 


How far will one chicken, armed with a trusty shotgun, go to free it's fellow feathered friends?

 Cluckshot is a third-person shooter platformer in which the player must control a chicken’s movement with the recoil of its gunshots. To do this, the player will be able to move the chicken in any direction on the ground but will have very limited aerial movement.

In the world of Cluckshot, a chicken on Happyvalley Farm has discovered the shocking truth that chickens become nuggets. After taking out the executioner and finding a shotgun, the chicken vows to never let another chicken become tender. The chicken breaks out of the slaughterhouse and searches for all of the cooped up chickens in the farm, hoping to liberate them all and take out anyone who gets in his way. The farmers fight back with their pitchforks and shotguns of their own, calling in farmers from across the country, but it isn’t enough to stop the chicken’s rampage. He is too determined to fight back and save his brethren! Can the chicken stop                                                                         every single threat in his way and free every chicken?



Destruction is all but assured and with good aim, so is your victory

               Catapult is a two-player destruction-based side-scroller built within the Unity game engine. 

  The goal of the game is to destroy the other player's castle and the dragon knights that dwell within them. 

          This is accomplished by each player aiming and firing their catapult shots at the opponent's castle.



Where there is wealth, there are always those willing to do anything to obtain it 

Polyspace is a third-person spaceship action game built within the Unreal Game engine. The player's goal is to gather resources from surrounding asteroids and use them to upgrade their Homebase. To mine the asteroids, the player must blast the asteroids apart using their ships' weaponry. Upon destruction, the asteroids drop materials that are used to upgrade the player's Homebase. However, it's not that easy for bandits want those resources, and thus the player must fend off various enemy ship types. The player combats the enemy vessels through the use of either their top-mounted heavy cannon or their smaller front-mounted miniguns.

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