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Gates of Hell Maps/Missions

Gates of Hell is a Real-time strategy game based on the Eastern Front of WW2. While inside the game, players control the Russians or the Germans and wage war across lands turned desolate by conflict.  

Using the Gem Editor within Gates of Hell, I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could recreate those war-torn landscapes with a twist. That twist being I only had 3 hours to create my levels. Within this three-hour limit, using the tools within the Gem Editor that I also had to learn while performing this challenge, I had to make a landscape with a unique environment/landscape filled with objects such as buildings, flora/fauna, and particle effects, all to create the correct atmosphere.

Then I had to construct defenses around the map based on what country was defending, either the Germans or the Russians. These defenses ranged from trenches to bunkers, emplacements, and small details such as barbed wire. After that, I had to populate the map with units consisting of Tanks, Infantry, and static weaponry for both sides. 

From there, I would test to ensure no strange terrain bugs or limitations would create issues for the AI pathfinding. If I had time left, I would add minor details to make the level pop, such as a burning aircraft or small unique locations for the two warring factions to fight within.  For this challenge, which I completed two separate times, I designed and created two maps: Hills of the East and The Charge.

Hills of the East


The Charge

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