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How far will one chicken, armed with a trusty shotgun, go to save it's feathered friends?

Forest of Agora

Will the lone swordsman free the forest from its foul invaders?


                                                                       Dev team size: Just me! 

                                                          Time spent on Project: Two Months(still a WIP)

                                    Originally this was just to be a simple level design skill building exercise,

                                            but I couldn't help myself but to make a world and then a game.

                                                   With this said, Forest of Agora is still very much a wip

                                           and I am continuing to fix bugs and added new levels, enemies,

                                                        and even new moves for our lone swordsman!


                                                               Credit for Unity Art Assets: Luiz Melo

Purge the forest of invaders!

The Legion of Helia and it's greedy tyrant Belios has invaded the forest!           Purge these trespassers and save the forest from destruction!


Double Jump and Dashing!

The forest is not an easy place to traverse. Thus, our lone swordsman using his skill of air jumping and dashing is able to overcome any obstacles the forest hurls his way!

The Invaders

The Tyrant Belios isn't alone for he has brought his mighty legion of Helia's Legion. Whether its the fire mages of Helia's Mage Academy or the countless goblins from the caverns of the Marsh hold. The Helia Legion is not to be taken lightly, less you wished to end up a pile of ash

                                    or stabbed by a poison dagger. 


The Tyrant Belios


Flame Mage


Marsh hold Goblin

Slice and dice the Legion

The Legion may be dangerous, but they are no match for the lone swordsman's Kenio blade. Although some slices from the Kenio blade are more deadly to the Legion's forces.

                                           Yet, these attacks trade speed for power, 

                        therefore the lone swordsman must be careful when heavy attacking. 

The Duel for Agora

                    It all comes down to this, one last fight to secure the fate of the forest.

                                   Does our hero have what it takes to slay Belios?

 Or will he to join the corpses of past heroes and Legion soldiers that litter the forest floor? 

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