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Far Cry 5

When Far Cry 5 was released, I was intrigued by the world-building through a combination of level and environment design. As such, I always wanted to create my own outposts, levels, and environments to test and build upon my current skill set. Thus using the addition of the Far Cry 5 Arcade editor, I began learning the mini-engine and crafting my levels/environments. 

The first level I made was the Airfield outpost. This level only took a few days of work, given that I was already experienced in navigating/using Game engines. Therefore, the Arcade editor was easy to pick up and learn. During my design and creation of the Airfield outpost, I wanted to work on environment design to mold compelling locations inside and outside the Airfield.  Using props, flora, and fauna, I designed and implemented a few side areas that are never really fought within but add to the overall atmosphere of the level. 


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When designing the interior of the Airfield, I wanted to generate a chaotic fight with plenty of vehicles/interactable for both the player and the AI to take advantage of. Although always have a counter to such positions or play. Therefore every vehicle or emplacement, such as a helicopter or machine nest, gives the user a powerful tool, but there is always an angle or device that the player or AI can use to bypass these dangers. Yet, I didn't want the fight to become too static/stationary, with neither side moving. To fix this possible slow in the desired chaos, I created mortar pits and used their ability to dislodge positions to keep player/AI momentum continual. This then combined with various different enemy AI types armed with explosives and LMGs to assist in the creation of a continual chaotic encounter. 

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