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Professional Skills


During my time at Champlain College, I have used Unity to design, build, and code over ten games/projects using the Unity Engine. These experiences have helped me gain a solid understanding of game design and creation within the Unity game engine.


Over my time as a game designer,  I have used the Unreal Engine to build a couple of games.  While working on those games, I have spent hours learning the ins and outs of the program in terms of level and AI creation. Through these hours of study, I have gained a deeper understanding of game creation using the Unreal Engine.   


Throughout my career, at Champlain College, and as a game designer, I have gained a substantial amount of knowledge pertaining to game creation via GameMaker Studio 2. Through this knowledge, I have designed and built three games. Furthermore, through the creation of these games, I have acquired a more thorough understanding of the engine.  


Taught to me ever since I started down the road to becoming a game designer was the importance of version control. Thus through these teachings, I learned how to use programs such as command-line git, Smart-Git, Tortise SVN, and Github.  Due to how vital these programs are to a game's creation I use them constantly, whether I need to or not,  just to keep my version control skills sharp. 


  Throughout my career at Champlain College and as a game designer, I have become rather fluent in the use of both photoshop and illustrator. Through these tools, I have constructed countless amount of VDDs and LDDs that have assisted me in spreading my design ideas and the digital worlds, I desired to build. 


Whether it's combat/economy balancing or the planning of a level's construction, my experience with excel has never let me down. Due to the program's necessity within the game design field, I have spent hours creating/editing excel spreadsheets for games, I built in the past or are currently developing.      

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