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How far will one chicken, armed with a trusty shotgun, go to save it's feathered friends?

Labyrinth of Azula

Traverse the ever-changing maze in hopes of finding your way home!

                                                                       Dev team size: Just me! 

                                                          Time spent on Project: Two Weeks

                                 This project was meant for as a system test rather than a full fledged game.

    The system it was testing was the usability of a maze-morphing system within a top-down narrative game.  


                                                               Credit for Unity Art Assets: Goldmetal

Find your way home!

You just finished spending time with one of your friends, but you forgot how to get home. This of course is not helped by the fact that the only way home is through the Labyrinth of Azula, an ever-morphing maze

                   that many have been forever lost within its walls.


Key Items

             Traversing the maze, the player, will soon discover or be hinted at certain items.

     These items are scattered within the labyrinth and might be the key to getting back home.

Wait a minute that wall wasn't there before

    As the player traverses the world they will soon notice walls appearing and disappearing as they collect key items and reach certain points within the maze.

Home again, home again

               At last the player armed with the final key item, returns home.

Thus becoming one of the few to successfully traverse the Labyrinth of Azula.

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