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How far will one chicken, armed with a trusty shotgun, go to save it's feathered friends?


How far will one chicken, armed with a trusty shotgun, go to free it's feathered friends?


                                                                     Dev team size: Nine people 

                                                        Time spent on Project: Two Months(still a WIP)

                                                                              Meet the team!

                                       Lead Producer: John Seymour, Co-Producer: Paul Criscione

                AI and Weapon Programmer: Harris Slesar, Systems Programmer: Daniel Schoenfeld (Schoney)

                            3D artist and Animator: Samuel Ray, 2D and Concept Artist: Laeticcia Le

    Generalist Designer: Daniel Waliek, Sound Designer: Mac Soulsby, Level and System Designer: Ian Urban

Save All the Chickens!

Find and free all chickens, whether they be free roam

               or imprisoned in those nasty coups!

Shotgun movement

In order to achieve true flight all our main character chicken has to do

                     is aim it's shotgun anywhere, jump and fire.

             Then congratulations our MCC will be the first chicken

             to fly more than 2 feet in the air, truly marvelous a feat!

Beware the Farmers!

         They might be T-posing, but those pick fork or shotgun wielding farmers

                    still possess the ability to end the feathered crusader's quest

         if not with the pointy end of their pick fork, then through sheer numbers! 

Blasting Farmers

The Farmers may be weak to shotgun shells, but make up for this vulnerability in numbers.

       If our main character isn't careful the horde of farmers will overwhelm and fry them.

          To overcome this terrible, yet delicious fate, our MC, using their trusty shotgun,

                                              can blast  those farmers away!

To the fryer with you!

   A chicken can only take so much damage before it                            becomes but another tasty fried snack

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