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Ian Urban

About me

Hello! I am Ian Urban, a Senior Game Design student at Champlain College. After four years at Champlain College at have acquired a wide variety of game design related skills.  These skills include designing/fleshing out mechanics, level & systems design, a bit of game AI programming, agile game development, and good old game documentation. Using these skills and learned techniques, I have worked on, either by myself or with a team over 18 different game projects during my time at Champlain College, and before I joined. Some of those game projects were board games, whereas others were video games. Having molded both video games as well as board games, I gained quite a bit of experience in both the more tangible and digital side of game design. As stated in the previous page, through each of these projects I learned what it really meant to go through the creation of a game and dedication it takes to craft an experience worthy enough for others to spend their valuable time on. If you wish to know more of my professional skills along with the programs I have experience with, please click the button below!

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